Ready, set, launch... for nonstop fun! Our ball launcher is full of poppin, rollin action! Kids blast a colorful ball from the chute, race after the ball to scoop it up...then start the fun all over again! Launcher is 15 1/2" tall; comes with 5 balls. (18 months - 3 years). Tots pile on the fun—with our jumbo-sized stacker! Our super-sized stacker has 5 giant rings that are squeezably soft & easy to stack. Plus, each ring has a friendly animal face built right in! Stacker is 18" tall. Our exclusive. (6 months - 3 years)

Young musicians can create beautiful music—with a kid-sized piano that teaches them to play! Kids just follow the fingers on the easy-view screen to learn 12 songs one hand at a time—or with both hands together. Children can play it like a regular piano...mix in 16 rhythm and instrument sounds...there’s even a handy record & playback function! 19" tall. 4 “AA” batteries not included. (4 years - 10 years) Every show is a smash hit with this cool, real-working mike—kids just step on the pedals to hear laughter and applause! The set includes a long cord, volume control and a jack for a radio, CD/cassette or MP3 player. Adjusts from 24" to 42" high. 4 “C” batteries not included.

Our easy-to-use tools let children create fascinating effects in a flash—from zigzag patterns and polka dots to picture-perfect stars, sheep and butterflies! Our fun-filled set includes 34 painting tools that let children dip, dab, stamp and swirl—and create tons of original works of art! Set comes in a sturdy, 4 1/2" x 8" x 13 1/2" plastic toolbox. Our exclusive. (3 years - 9 years). Kids can do a lot with our Dot Art Painters! Gently dab our dotty painters to make dazzling patterns, or brush them on for a painted look! Each no-spill bottle is 2.5 fl. oz. (3 years - 11 years)